in the kitchen logo2In the Kitchen with Desserts Designed is the Gourmet Food side of our Dessert business. After years of preparing fabulous meals for family, close friends and in home dinner parties, I have finally decided to take the advice of those closest to me and share these amazing dishes with you! All of our meals/dishes are made from scratch, using only the fresh ingredients and are excellent options for the health conscious individual. Our kitchen offers two food service options…and of course our amazing desserts!

{Gourmet Meals-to-Go} After a long work week consisting of a demanding job, long commutes and busy kids, let us prepare dinner for you! Our meals are a more health conscious choice than that Friday night take out/take home order from the local fast food spot. Gourmet Meals-to-Go are single serving meal options available for Friday evening pick up (Friday LUNCH delivery coming soon!) and are offered twice a month. The menu options vary month to month and are normally announced via our In the Kitchen with Desserts Designed Facebook Page. These meals are also a great way to sample our dishes before hiring us for Personal Chef services.

{Personal Chef Services} Do you struggle to get a meal on the table at the end of a long day? Is it hard to find time to enjoy meals with your family? Are you tired of eating out or spending money on mediocre take-out food? If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then our Personal Chef services would be perfect for you! This service can be tailored to prepare meals for the busy individual on the go (meals for one), the corporate power couple (meals for two) or to assist the busy mom that has to juggle work, football practice and dance class (family meals). Visit our Personal Chef page to find out more and how this service can benefit you.

{Gourmet Desserts} What’s an amazing dinner without dessert? Sometimes you crave “a lil’ something sweet afterwards right?.” Well, we can help you with that craving and more! In addition to our line of gourmet cupcakes, we offer a variety of dessert options as add-ons to your personal chef or catering orders. Choose from our specialty bundt cakes, gourmet  layer cakes, sheet cakes or bread puddings. We think you’ll be delighted to know that many of our gourmet cupcake flavors are available as two-layer cakes and sheet cakes. Visit our Gourmet Desserts page for more info.