Hello and thank you for visiting our website.  Hopefully you’ve landed here because you are looking for a unique gourmet dessert. If so, we’re certain that you will find that and more! As you browse around you’ll discover we offer a variety of decadent desserts and gourmet meal options that would be the perfect combination for your next get-together or event.​​​ In addition to browsing our dessert and meal/catering options, be sure to check out our blog page. There you will see what we’ve been up to, learn about our upcoming events as well as a glimpse of the personal side of our company. Begin browsing around and its our hope that after doing so, you’ll be contacting us shortly because we’d love to be in our kitchen whipping gourmet sweets and/or eats for you!



At Desserts Designed, we take pride in every dessert order we fulfill. Our desserts are baked from scratch and the ingredients we use are essential to providing your taste buds with a truly gourmet experience. Choosing to use the highest quality ingredients, FRESH seasonal fruits, vegetables, and natural citrus juices and zests versus the over use of extracts for flavoring is what sets our desserts apart from the others. In addition, our desserts are baked FRESH to order and topped with artful details to ensure we are providing you not only with a dessert that is pleasing to your palate but one that is also pleasing to the eye. As we continue to grow, our goal will always remain to provide our customers with all things gourmet.